Tuesday, March 28, 2017


“This increasingly intelligent, fast-moving civilization needs to be applying some of its intelligence to things that change slowly...If we are constantly tending to the immediate day-to-day problems, we’ll lose that sense of the long term, and then we could be really sorry.”
Stewart Brand

from an interview in The Sun Magazine, quoted in the 40th anniversary issue, 2014.

Brand's comment applies to many things, but most urgently to our actions against the natural world that sustains us.  Decisions today can impoverish the future, and make our descendants really sorry.

But there is also the natural world's today, its recurrences and changes fast and slow...Today here is predicted to be another sunny--well, non-rainy--day.  Among rainy days to follow...This by the way is likely not the first photo on the Internet of the tulips in our front yard.  I saw a young woman bend to snap a picture of them with her phone the other day...But these are mine.

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