Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jackboots of The Cruelty State

Besides yet another tragic object lesson in the hard truth that it is so much easier to destroy than to create, the Cruelty State budget (dubbed a "campaign press release masquerading as a government document,” due to its lack of being an actual, you know, budget, with income and outflow and covering the whole government) is also the perfect budget if your goal is to create a military dictatorship.

Slash support for everything from the EPA and NASA earth science to cancer research, regional and community programs and public broadcasting, with no significant money for infrastructure--along with the proposed destruction of healthcare support given by government in every other advanced nation on the planet.  Then-- besides giveaways to the wealthy and the wealthiest businesses-- increase spending on military hardware.

And while you are at it, keep making noises about going to war with North Korea.

This is how it works in the Third World military dictatorships: when the military is the privileged institution, where poor people can get status and get fed only in the military. Also create the sense of being besieged in a hostile world, and identify at least one enemy for patriotic citizens to get excited about fighting.

Even within the military budget, the hardware gets the bucks and programs for peacekeeping and responding to global emergencies gets cut.  It's all about the jackboots.

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