Monday, March 06, 2017

Dictator Apprentice: The Next Step

He operates as an authoritarian both in substance and attitude (it's worth repeating the point made by a German newspaper, that Trump, like all dictators "believe that the words that come from their mouths as powerful leaders are the truth and that the media, when it strays from them, is telling lies. That's autocratic thinking — and it is how you sustain a dictatorship.")

However, there is also a civil war going on in Washington, most recently involving the regime's relationship to Russia and now the baseless charge of wiretapping, which has opened a rift between the White House and the FBI.

The problem for the Apprentice Dictator is that he needs political support but especially the support of the military and federal police.  He needs an unwaveringly loyal Gestapo.

It's clear from the absurd statements of the House committee chair who refuses to investigate the Russian connection because he sees no reason to, that the Apprentice Dictator has at least some meaningful political support for maintaining power regardless of anything he says or does.

And it's unfortunately clear also that elements of the federal police--notably members of the Immigration police force and Homeland Security or whoever it is that has been persecuting foreign nationals at airport security--are willing and able to enforce his xenophobic policies.

The military is another question.  It's likely that recent appointees from the military to major national security posts have some support within the US military, but also a lot of doubters.  But there are more direct ways to win over the military: give them a war, and give them money.

Even giving them a war might not work, but the regime is proposing to give them a lot more money.  In its proposed budget, everybody else gets starved but the military gets a big raise.  And some kind of war is coming.

Money corrupts, and it has a long history of corrupting the military.  Hasn't anybody else noticed that this is a formula for the Apprentice Dictator to become a full-fledged Dictator?

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