Saturday, November 26, 2016

Defining the Darkness.2

"Where are the superior minds, capable of reflection, today?  If they exist at all, nobody heeds them; instead there is a general running amok, a universal fatality against whose compelling sway the individual is powerless to defend himself.  And yet this collective phenomenon is the fault of the individuals as well, for nations are made up of individuals.  Therefore the individual must consider by what means he can counteract the evil.  Our rationalistic attitude leads us to believe that we can work wonders with international organizations, legislation, and other well-meant devices.  But in reality only a change in the attitude of the individual can bring about a renewal in the spirit of the nations.  Everything begins with the individual."

C.G. Jung
"The Role of the Unconscious" (1918)
Civilization in Transition p. 27.

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