Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Donald Chronicles: Tless minus 18

While Republican candidates for Senate and House seats ignore the Donald and fight for their political lives, the Democrats are not making it easy for them.

 President Obama's takedown of Rubio in Florida the other day--and his recording of a large number of personalized TV commercials for Dem candidates--was followed by Hillary Clinton going after the R Senate candidate in PA, Pat Toomey in much the same terms, chiding him for (essentially) cowardice in not standing up to Trump.  The Dem party is also pouring money into red states Indiana and Missouri supporting downballot candidates.

At the same time, the Donald meanders in PA--a state he has scant hopes of winning, yet one he desperately needs--ostensibly talking about the noble things he'll do in his first 100 days--like suing the women who've accused him of sexual assault, presumably including the latest who came forward Saturday.  Which makes at least 12.

Meanwhile, more evidence of early voting success for Clinton, and I'm sure anecdotal support for the sense of an upcoming Landslide.  Early voting is way up in northern VA--more likely Clinton voters--while it is down in more Trump-friendly parts of the state.

Josh Marshall refers to reports of long lines at early voting polls in various states, notably North Carolina. "People are waiting three and four hours to vote. It's genuinely shameful that we, as a society, find this acceptable. And yet millions of people are lining up to vote. They are undeterred."

That's the best antidote to voter suppression.  Be undeterred.  Refuse to be intimidated.

For those still having trouble warming up to Hillary, there are two new pieces that might shed a different light.  The NYTimes has a simple but powerful story about her closest friends--who knew her as children and remain close--as they watch the third debate.  The other is an appreciation in Slate of how she handled Trump in those debates.  These are in addition to the NY Times Magazine profile I cited earlier.

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