Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Donald Chronicles: Stumbling On

Scanning the news Wednesday, it's pretty clear that people just want this to be over.

There are lots of stories about problems and conflicts facing a Clinton administration, and about the 2020 presidential election.  More threats by congressional Republicans to investigate Hillary for whatever, and to prevent her from ever appointing a Supreme Court Justice.

And Trump took some time off from campaigning for President to officially open his new Washington hotel.  What does that tell you?

A new AP phone poll of likely voters has Hillary up by 14 points in the four way field.  (Most polls are showing the third party candidates tanking, as they usually do at actual election time.)  The USA Today poll has Hillary up by 9.  We're getting into the period when the polls usually tighten, though the eventual outcome may not.  So far hasn't happened in the presidential.

State polls have more mixed messages, especially in Florida, where the Trump campaign is actually spending money on advertising.  And Senate races seem very fluid, with the Senate majority still in doubt.  So the question may be, will people split ballots more than usual these days?

In the last few days, Clinton has been endorsed by Colin Powell and Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson.  Also her alleged problem attracting Millennials has disappeared.  She is on pace, polls now say, to match President Obama's 60% share.  The Trump tape plus learning more about Lib candidate Gary Johnson etc. has boosted Clinton by something like 20 points.

On the vote suppression front, the DemocraticNational Committe  petitioned a federal court to block the Republican National Committee from coordinating with Trump voter intimidation schemes as a violation of the RNC's consent agreement.  Not to get lost in acronyms, but the TPM site added: "the Democratic National Committee is asking a federal court to hold the Republican National Committee in contempt of court for allegedly violating a decades-old consent decree limiting so-called "ballot security" activities at poll places.

The Democrats' filing Wednesday, among other things, ask that the consent decree -- which is set to expire Dec. 17 -- be extended for another eight years. The DNC is also asking the court to block any coordination between Trump and the RNC as it relates to Election Day poll monitoring activities that many fear will amount to voter intimidation."

 The investigation into voter registration farce in Indiana continues to threaten tens of thousands of voters.  An Indiana prosecutor complained that the investigation into voter fraud is "without merit."

And according to TPM: Democratic U.S. lawmakers from Wisconsin sent a letter to the Department of Justice Wednesday requesting that it deploy federal poll monitors to the state after reports that local officials were providing potential voters with inaccurate information about the state's voter ID law. The letter also raised concerns about "potential voter intimidation at polling places, particularly in light of recent, high-profile rhetoric that alleges 'election rigging.'"  There are reportedly similar problems in Texas.

Slightly more than half the respondents in the USA Today poll said they feared election day violence.

And there's 12 more days of this?

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