Thursday, April 07, 2016

Today's Notes

The average temp here for April 6 is 56 degrees.  The highest recorded temp was 70.  Yesterday---April 6, 2016--it got to 80.  We're close to today's record as well, but probably won't surpass it.

The current spat between Bernie Sanders and Hillary is a bit troubling.  Hillary challenged Bernie's qualifications, though she never in fact said he was "unqualified." Bernie has however made headlines by saying Hillary is unqualified.  This is a rhetorical exercise that he will probably walk back in the next debate.  But even in the furor of Hillary's famous 3 am in the White House ad challenging Senator Barack Obama's experience in 2008, Obama never said she was unqualified, nor as far as I recall did she say that of him.

 "Unqualified" is making headlines, mostly because one of Hillary's prime arguments is that she is more qualified, and because "qualified" is a major deal, and because the charge puts her in the company of Trump as unqualified, and lastly because she's a woman.  Bernie has gone too far this time.

Other matters: President Obama on the threat to the judicial integrity central to American justice because of the blatantly partisan political refusal by Senate Republicans to consider the appointment of Garland to be Supreme Court justice.

Jonathan Chiat on how Ted Cruz is a terrible candidate for President, even if he is less terrible than Donald Trump.  And Chiat yesterday--pretty interesting piece on the pragmatism of black voters over the years (and why they aren't supporting Bernie in the primaries.)

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