Friday, March 11, 2016

President Now

It's too bad Justin Trudeau didn't become Canada's Prime Minister sooner.  He is such a perfect fit with President Obama--the two might have done great North American things together.

As it is, they're making the best of the year they've got.  Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau visited Washington, and together with Barack and Michelle Obama, they brought the kind of glamour and good feeling to the White House that's been largely missing since Trudeau's father was Prime Minister, and the Kennedys were the White House hosts.

A hint of what could have been accomplished came with their announcement of an agreement to reduce methane (the less prominent but more lethal greenhouse gas) and otherwise address the climate crisis.

The non-policy climax of the visit was a state dinner at the White House, which the New York Times reported was the first for a Canadian PM in 20 years and one of Obama's last.  (It was also the first that Malia and Sasha Obama attended.)

After a meal of Canadian and American cuisine (with both First Ladies wearing outfits by Canadian designers), the guests were entertained in the State Dining Room by Eureka's own Sara Bareilles, singing under a portrait of Abe Lincoln.

Also this week, the results of President Obama's latest physical were announced: he's lost 5 pounds, increased his muscle mass, and has a heart rate "which falls within the average range for well-trained athletes." (Michelle looks pretty fit, too.)

Americans are apparently noticing the contrast between the people running for President and the President now.  Or at least that's one story's reason for President Obama's approval rating reaching a 3-year high at 50%.  It's only going to go higher.

Perhaps the most fascinating article on Obama I've read recently came out yesterday in the Atlantic, based on extensive interviews with him on foreign policy matters.  That it's controversial already with the Washington establishment (political and media) kind of proves his point.  But it's more evidence that he's my President, and there will never be another.

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