Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scandal of the Week

To be more explicit, quoting from this piece by Robert Liddy in the Portland (Maine) Daily Sun:

"The moment marks the highest concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the entirety of human history; at current rates of growth NOAA predicts eight hundred parts per million will be the norm by the year 2100. We are on a climate change path that will make a mockery of political name calling about protection of exotic embassies and render issues of IRS abuse meaningless. Yet not a single major news outlet has offered one minute of analysis of the economic crisis of climate change in the hours of nonstop coverage of political fallout in the presidential race of 2016."

"A legislative bill in the United States Senate named the Environmental Protection Act of 2013 (S 309) was immediately tabled by the senate leadership and not a single word was spoken on this inaction in the reporting media. Regardless of wide support by liberal and conservative economists, no congressional representative has called for consideration of a meaningful Carbon Tax provision."

Tiny Giants Note

After a homestand of heroics, the San Francisco Giants went on the road to play with flashes of brilliance (coming back from 6-0 to win over the Rockies), but also awfully like a Little League team, making odd distracted errors in Toronto and Colorado.  Entertaining still, but still...

One cool note: The Giants brought up Brett Pill, formerly of the Humboldt Crabs, and he doubled and scored against Colorado.

I have the Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates scores on my start page everyday, and it seemed that when one of them won a game, so did the other.  The same with losses.  That's unlikely and one of those selective attention things, I figured.  While I haven't gone day to day through the season, the fact is that when I checked the other day they did have identical won-loss records, 24-17.  That's good enough for the Giants to lead the NL West by a game, but only good enough for third place in the NL Central, where the Pirates are 2 1/2 games behind St. Louis.