Thursday, February 07, 2013

It's Not All Bad

Republicans may want to fight a new Civil War in America, but right now they're fighting a Civil War with themselves.

Fox News ratings are falling.  The most trusted name in news is PBS. 

Democrats--including President Obama--are sounding optimistic about midterm elections, especially because women who don't normally vote in midterms are set to vote on the gun issue.

About the midterms I'd be happier hearing that the Rabid Right is going to be turned out of state houses and state legislatures, in PA, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. etc. That's where the real damage is being done.  But what President Obama is suggesting-- that both houses of Congress could again be Dem for his last two years--might mean some small chance for climate crisis legislation, and energy infrastructure.  Right now the "experts" don't think Dems will win enough seats to take the House.  But the experts also pooh-poohed Obama's suggestion in the fall that the political landscape would change after his reelection.      

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