Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kiss My Ass, America

"Let's face it, Romney can't win, but Obama can lose."
That's not just the opinion of GOP consultant Ed Rodgers.  That's the Romney campaign strategy.

Maybe lost in the gaffe-fest of Romney's overseas trip is what he actually did and didn't do.  What he did was raise money from billionaires at fundraisers with bankers in London and very wealthy American Jews in Israel, including Sheldon Adelson.  I don't recall this being on the itinerary for previous presidential candidates or certainly Presidents when overseas.

What he didn't do was answer questions from the media.  In Poland, his press aide told clamoring reporters very simply, "Kiss my ass," and that's a quote.

With his priorities on this trip, Romney's intentions are very clear: he's going to stonewall and otherwise just survive this period until he can unleash the many millions he's collected to carpet bomb President Obama with scurrilous negative ads in the last month or months before the election, with some cash also devoted to voter suppression and bullying voters on election day.

Still the real Romney comes through.  His arrogance in stonewalling, in refusing to release his tax returns, his and his campaign's persistent lyingHis campaign's xenophobia and racism became more obvious on this trip right at the start, when an aide was quoted as saying that President Obama doesn't understand the Anglo-Saxon connection between the UK and the US.  But the candidate himself revealed his own racism (in the words of a Palestinian spokesperson) when he repeated (from remarks in one of his own books) that Palestinians are poorer than Israelis because of their inferior culture.  He said the same is true of Mexico.

It's more than a strategy to link unfettered capitalism and white cultures, and socialist cultures to non-white cultures (even though it's highly inaccurate--witness the "socialized medicine" of the UK and Israel)--it is a belief within the Romney campaign.

As less than dogmatic wild-eyed GOPers drop away and say their party is too extreme to govern, while the most extreme GOPers (backed by Club for Growth and other billionaire money) take over, the country is in peril of careening quickly to a new Dark Age.  But Romney and his ilk will do their best to obscure what will happen if they take over.  Romney will hide behind his lies and racist dog whistle campaign against Obama, without ever saying what he actually will do if elected.  Because you peons exist only to be manipulated by money.  Because according to Romney, America you can kiss my multimillionaire ass.   

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