Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Cristina Saralegui is the "Latina Oprah."  The post linked suggests that Romney needs to win the vast majority of white voters to make up for the groups he is badly losing.  

Also in election news...
It's easy to get impatient with all the fundraising emails, especially the manipulative ones.  But one I got today provides some perspective: one billionaire, Sheldon Adelson (formerly Newt's notorious Vegas backer) says he may pour as much as $100 million into the campaign against President Obama.  That's what the Obama campaign raises over several months from small donors, and Adled is but one billionaire bankrolling Romney.   Adelson is worth $20 billion, so the Obama campaign estimates that even if he does part with $100 million, that's the equivalent for him of a $40 contribution by a middle class family.

That's what this country is up against this year.  A candidate who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth, running a deceptive and otherwise ugly and unhinged campaign, with the capacity to blanket the electorate with deceptive, ugly and unhinged ads--and pay for the on-the-ground organizing that the Romney campaign and the GOP don't even bother trying to produce.

It's crossed the mind of E.J. Dionne among others that some superrich people may see that they need to be willing to spend for Dems if anything like a level playing field is to occur.  He concludes: "It’s preposterous that our system has handed over so much power to those with large fortunes that the only way to get matters under control is to have one group of rich people check the power of another group of rich people. Maybe the absurdity of it all will finally force the Supreme Court and Congress to bring us back to something more reasonable. It’s called democracy. "

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