Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Past As Prologue

This seven minute video unveils the new Obama campaign slogan, but more impressively, it states the Obama record in a compelling way.  I watched it with an eye to the accuracy of its claims, and the only one that I could recall credible dissent on would be the claims on the extent of Wall Street reform legislation.  For some environmentalists, record oil and gas production might not be a big positive, and there's no direct claims on progress towards meeting the Climate Crisis challenge, although the factual claims on increased emphasis on green energy are substantive.  Otherwise the list of accomplishments and promises kept is kind of amazing.

 And if--as some pundits say--this isn't the political grounds for President Obama's reelection, then what's the point?  If there is no reward for keeping promises and effecting positive change--even if it isn't all you wanted--where's the motivation to risk anything to accomplish anything?  You can do what GOPers are trying to do--use the same putatively attractive phrases that were used to devastating effect when acted upon, and trust that the heaven they conjure in people's heads will blot out the hell they caused, which we're still experiencing?


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