Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Stupor Tuesday

Come one, come all, it's the biggest circus show so far this year, it's SUPEr TUEsday!  Get your popcorn, get your peanuts, and wear your boots and slickers cause the mud--let's call it mud--is gonna fly!

But the usual drumbeat by the carnival barkers is a bit muted this time, as the CPW (Conventional Pundit Wisdom) is that Richie Richney is going to have a big night.  The Sanctimonious campaign is finally revealing itself to be the Wizard of Oz frantically pulling levers behind the curtain, but the wheels have come off.  Richney's big edge in money and organization plus Little Ricky's inability to come through with a compelling or even coherent message should tell the tale.

Well, if you've been hanging out here, you might have figured that it was only a matter of time.  Not that the Richney campaign has improved any.  The candidate is just as terrible as ever. His fumbling of the Limbaugh bullying is yet another moral and political coffin nail. The only thing the campaign itself seems to have learned to do is pack debate audiences and caucuses with its "loyalists" (though that may be stretching the term a bit to include the well-paid.)  But the collapse of the other phony campaigns was inevitable.  Their only hope was to somehow become so viral that the party would have to provide real apparatus in the general. 

So Richney, whose proudest boast now must be "I'm less incompetent than the others," is likely to win Ohio, the Must Win of the night, and even Tennessee, which is close enough to being a southern state that he can even plausibly call himself a GOPer.  So before the night is out we may see the Final Return of....Mr. Inevitable!  Though from back in the shadows, speeding suddenly into the limelight for one last comeback, could it be, could it be?--Casino Newt rides again!  

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