Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dead Circus

How does a circus die?  That's easy: when the customers don't come to it anymore.

Little Ricky Sanctimonious won the Louisana primary on Saturday.  Big news right?  Another rejection of the frontrunner, Richie Richney.  Even Casino Newt got 15%.  Keeping the circus going, right?  Well, then where were the special reports on TV, with the animated logo and grand music and your fave anchors and pundits?

Sorry, but the circus is no longer in town.  And it's not exactly because all the votes have been counted, or anybody has won anything.  It's because TV viewers are tuning out, ratings are down.  The circus has been like cancelled.

So now they all say, Richney is the one, why bother?  And so the media declares, and so the self-fulfilling prophesy may be, with some political justification--especially because only Richney can afford to keep spending millions to bury his opponents in negative slog-- but really, the reason is that nobody wants to come to this circus anymore.   

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