Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Three Ring Circus Sanctimonious

As a taste of primary/caucus nights to come, Tuesday bore results from GOPer presidential contests in three states--and in all three rings stood the same winner: Little Ricky Sanctimonious. 

And at least two of them weren't even close.  Litttle Ricky won Missouri by 30 points over Richney, with Ron St. Paul in third.  It was even worse for Richney in Minnesota where Sanctimonious won handily, and Richney was third--behind Ron St. Paul!  As of this moment, Ricky is also pulling away in Colorado, up by 5 points. 

Some pundits opine that a big loser was Casino Newt, because he didn't enter or campaign in these contests (where no delegates were directly at stake) and Little Ricky has supplanted him as the conservative favorite.  I don't really buy that--any time Richney loses, Gingles is happy: it denies Richney momentum and perhaps delegates.  It remains to be seen if Ricky can compete with Gingles in the southern Super Tues primaries next month. 

But there's no doubt that the biggest loser was Richney.  Mr. Inevitable failed to close the deal in three swing states with his GOPer base.  What that means for the general is debatable.  But what it means for the circus is--the clown shows continue, bigger and badder than before!

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