Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Circus News: Race to the Bottom

The victor?

Richie Richney got 42% of the low turnout GOPer primary vote in Michigan,  Little Ricky Sanctimonious got 38%, Ron St. Paul just under 12%, and Casino Newt got 6.5%.

By coming within 3% Sanctimonious does nothing to discourage voters in Super Tuesday states from seeing him as a viable candidate, particularly in Ohio, another midwestern erstwhile industrial state, with major population centers close to the Pittsburgh media market,  Little Ricky's erstwhile home base.  He's going to need that mystique because he has no organization to organize his voters and expand his voting pool.  But if Ricky can win Ohio, and he and Gingles deny Richney all the southern states,  it's not going to bring back Mr. Inevitable any time soon.

Richney outspent Sanctimonious by only 2 to 1 in Michigan.  It will be vaguely interesting to see where he puts his money for Super Tuesday.

 With my previous post in mind, I took special note that Sanctimonious did not win the Catholic vote in Michigan.  Richney did.  But Little Ricky ran away with the Evangelicals.

Who do you think won the black vote?  Well, nobody.  There wasn't one.  The percentage of African Americans (and there are a few in Michigan) who voted in the GOPer primary was 0%.

So the GOPer circus drags on--looking more and more like the circuses and carnivals in their last days--frayed, tawdry, small, freak show wagons leaving nothing behind but elephant shit.

So as an antidote to the dwarfs who would be President, we have a President, and here's the link to his inspiring speech to the UAW today, talking about what he stands for, and also about what he did, walking the walk:  "I placed my bet on the American worker.  I'll make that bet again any day of the week...I'm not going to settle for an America where a few do really well and everybody else is struggling."

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