Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Update

God apparently took Saturday off, allowing his Saints to lose, and sending Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos straight to hell, which in their case was New England.  He split the difference on Sunday, teaching some humility to the defending champion Packers but allowing the overrated Ravens another week of hubris.  Next week it's the Niners vs. the NY Giants, and the Patriots vs. the Ravens.  God's message so far: don't diss the defense.

In circus news,  the weekend began with elements that suggested a Gingrich revival, beginning in South Carolina.  He was near even with Romney in some polls, and he picked up a few Tevangelical preacher endorsements.   So the stage was set for the purist preacher summit in Texas to consolidate behind the strongest anti-Romney.  So of course they didn't.  They endorsed Rick Sanctimonious, purer perhaps but polling in single digits in South Carolina, with uncertain prospects (to be generous) in Florida and following states.  (E. J. Dionne has a more optimistic view.)   So despite the reputed "hit" that Romney takes on this, he is probably the winner of that confab.  The biggest loser was Cowboy Rick, who is likely now to drop out sooner rather than later, maybe even before the South Carolina voting.  If that happens, and Gingrich drops out if he fails to win South Carolina, Sanctimonious has another shot to consolidate the Anti-Roms, but as the likely fourth place finisher in S.C., he's likely toast.

Late news update: numerous reports say Jon Huntsman will officially quit the race on Monday, and back Romney.

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