Monday, January 09, 2012

There We Were

The Steelers lost to Denver and their quarterback Tim Tebow in overtime on Sunday.  The reason of course is that Tim Tebow is a devout fundamentalist Christian, and so God was on the side of Denver.  God saw to it that two more Steelers were injured early in the game, so the entire defensive line was second and third string.  When Steelers receivers had easy catches with the end zone in sight, God knocked the ball out of their hands.  God shone His light in the eyes of Steeler coverage when St. Tebow threw the ball to his receivers, especially the Steeler corner called Gay (get it?)  Obviously God has not yet forgiven Big Ben--having already hobbled him and made it harder for him to pass accurately, He knocked the ball out of his hand when all he needed was a few yards to set up the winning field goal.  And then of course, His Lightning struck in the first play of overtime. St. Tebow be praised.  Amen.

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