Friday, January 20, 2012

Reality Check

Hereabouts the rains have come.  Our rainy season started Wednesday with a slowly building storm that's in its third day on Friday, with about four inches of rain total so far.  The forecast is the traditional solid gray for the forseeable future, with quiet periods between storms (next one is Sunday.)  So while this is a relief mentally, the disappearance of sunshine is its usual emotional drag.  But at least one of the hummingbirds is negotiating the swinging feeder.

Meanwhile our friends Mike and Alice are more than 3,000 miles into their epic cross country trip, doing what retirement is supposed to be for.  These photos are stolen from the blog they've created to chronicle their adventures, which is right here.  This mountainscape is from New Mexico.

They're probably in California by now, and will fly off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks before figuring out a route back to Pennsylvania.   Happy trails!

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