Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let's Stay Together

With so much attention on the GOPer circus, President Obama has mostly been governing, making tough decisions.  But he's also been doing the PR part of being President, like supporting tourism in Florida and the Gulf Coast, and praising the Apollo Theatre.  Where, incidentally, he sang.

Not much, but well.  A few phrases from an Al Green song, which maybe should be the campaign theme song: Let's Stay Together.  (Green was in the audience.  Obama likes to do it on these occasions, apparently.  He sang to Aretha and Dionne Warwick as well, though before he was Prez.)

He did it on the night that the GOPers were screaming at each other.  He did it with perfect pitch and in the exact key of the original Al Green song.  The folks Americans apparently accept as vocal experts--you know, American Idol judges--praised his performance.  It was so impressive that an Irish bookmaker immediately upped the odds that he would be reelected.

But things get serious again Tuesday, when President Obama delivers the State of the Union address.  This will be after a week of GOPer debate carping and electioneering, of scandal and confusion, panic and petty conflict, and patently wild charge and unserious flailing around pandering for votes from the FOX-stoked perpetually outraged.  And another GOPer debate on Monday.  Then the real President talks about real problems and real possible solutions in a serious way on Tuesday.  The contrast should have America singing, pleading: Let's stay together.  

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