Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Circus News

I'm sorry, I just can't resist.
Monday began with Jon Huntsman dropping out of the race (because he was polling behind Steven Colbert, according to Rachel) and endorsing Romney.  This led to several video compilations of all the nasty stuff Huntsman said about Romney, especially about how he has no beliefs and can't beat Obama.

Rachel gleefully catalogued the ongoing fight within the Evangelical preacher corps over whether they did or didn't really endorse Rick Sanctimonious--accusations of deceit, dirty tricks, ballot-stuffing etc.--all the things GOPers are good at.  What goes around...

And all this was before the FOX clown show, aka debate.  As conventional wisdom swings definitively behind the certainty that Romney will be the nominee--and that the GOPer establishment is pushing this narrative--Romney had an awkward debate, Sanctimonious and Gingrich did better--with Gingrich demogoging the heartlessness and mindlessness of the assembled S.C. GOpers.  Some choice reaction from folks who actually watched it:

Jed Lewison at Kos: The one nice thing about this debate is that even though it's obvious that Mitt Romney has the nomination nearly locked down, it's equally obvious how much Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich dislike Mitt Romney.

Conservative Ron Dreher: There goes Gingrich with the food stamp thing again, blaming Obama for "putting more people on food stamps than any president in American history." It wasn’t Obama that did it, Gingrich, it was the depression recession. This is food we’re talking about. This is people struggling to feed their families in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And Gingrich is playing racial and cultural politics with it. To listen to Gingrich, you’d think that Obama signed up all those layabouts for food stamps just so he could throw government money at them.

And two gems from the Economist live blog:

 This is Jon Huntsman's best debate by far.

I think this crowd will be disappointed when informed that there will not in fact be a public hanging later in the evening.

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