Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tweets Tuesday into Wednesday

Tuesday's Rachel on Occupy Wall Street here, here and everywhere was terrific.  And kudos as well to revealing coverage of fracking, the consequences of no effective regulation on health, despite the ads that precede videos from the show defending fracking.  The fracking exploitation is a textbook case of the 1% increasing its wealth and avoiding the consequences (by being able to afford to buy clean water) by endangering and in some cases condemning members of the 99%.  In my original part of the world we've seen it with coal for decades.

Cowboy Rick and Her Man Koch-Cain have proven themselves incompetent.  Newt Romney daily proves his reckless disregard for the truth, by any definition.  Now climbing in the polls is Mitt Gingrich, whose sneers only partly obscure his most persistent quality: as a serial liar. 

Our massively unpopular GOPer Congress at work: Presumably too busy organizing insane legislation like declaring pizza sauce a vegetable for school lunches, House Speaker Banal couldn't spare the time to visit Member of Congress Gabby Giffords during her long hospitalization after being shot by a Tea Party assassin, even when he was conducting state business at a basketball game in the same town .

Here in Arcata, the Buy Local movement is a longstanding tradition.  Interesting that today I saw so many ads and promos for Buy Small Saturday, urging consumers to shop for Christmas on Main Street--but not asking for too much, like forsaking the malls on Black Friday.

President Obama is in Australia, where he has a friend.

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