Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hope is On the Way

 It's the morning after election day 2011, and the news could hardly be better: Ohio voted resoundingly to repeal the GOPer anti-union law. Maine voted to repeal a GOPer law that ended same day voter registration, by a wide margin. Mississippi voted down the bizarre but dangerous amendment that would have declared a fertilized egg a person, taking anti-abortionism into Orwellian territory.  And in a very conservative state, it wasn't even close.  Arizona voted out  the author of its anti-immigrant law.

It's almost exactly a year until election day 2012, and it's game on.  Voter anger and disgust with the GOP is strong and getting stronger.  There's more evidence that Americans believe that GOPers are subverting the economy for their supposed gain, while independents and moderates are on the President's side.   While Occupy Wall Street has shifted attention to the banks most responsible for the ongoing economic downturn and its injustice, President Obama has shifted the debate from deficits to the crisis in jobs, and he's rising in the polls.  Another court victory upholding the Affordable Care Act may yet contribute to more approval for what should have always been a popular achievement.

 So that means game on, and this tremendous change in the zeitgeist means among other things that the Obama campaign can focus on making the choice clear, and the consequences of electing GOPers who are committed to policies and attitudes that would further wreck the present and bury the future, making Herbert Hoover confronting the Depression look good in comparison.  That's the implication of the video above, and it should to be thrust of the campaign against Newt Romney, the likely GOPer nominee--not on his flipflopping as on his actual very scary proposals, as per this post.  It should also encourage President Obama to be even bolder.

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