Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope Lives

So different from the GOPer madness, President Obama offers passion along with sanity, moral leadership along with intelligence and knowledge, real leadership with inspiration.  And despite all the noise, people are responding.

I've just received the Obama campaign fundraising numbers for the last quarter: 606,027 people donated to the Obama campaign -- even more than gave in the record-breaking previous quarter.  The combined total of the Obama campaign and the DNC is more than $70 million.

98% of these donations were $250 or less, with an average of $56.  The number of donations was 766,000--more than twice the number as 2008 at this point in the campaign.  The total number of people who have donated to this campaign is nearly 1 million.

Couple this with the yesterday's NBC poll that showed that President Obama has a higher level of support for reelection among Democrats than Bill Clinton did in his best month before his reelection.  And that he's leading each of his possible GOPer opponents.

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