Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dreaming Up Daily Outgoing Mail

Dear Suddenlink: My cable TV bill has doubled in the past few years, with no increase in service, not to mention no better quality of programming. Instead I received from you today not one, not two, but three pieces of mail: three glossy pieces of cardboard, each measuring 6 inches by 11 inches, all advertising services I have never shown the slightest inclination of being interested in. So now I know where my money is going--not only to pay for your advertising, but now that paper recycling is no longer done for free here, to pay the garbage company to haul away your obscenely wasteful "communication."

You should also know that far from enticing me to buy your obscenely expensive premium services, your advertising has provided even more impetus to my reevaluation of retaining any of your services. Why should I be paying you every month, not only to advertise new ways of getting more crap, but for the channelsful of horrifying imagery I now receive?
Sincerely yours,

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