Monday, November 03, 2008

1 Day to Change

"Obama is the conservative in the 2008 election. The astonishing thing is that Obama is also the liberal in the 2008 election."-- Jeffrey Hart, former Reagan advisor, in endorsing Obama.
NBC/WS Journal: Obama 51% McCain 43%
CBS poll: Obama 54% McCain 41%
Washington Post/ABC poll: Obama 54% McCain 43%
Gallups final presidential estimate: Obama 55% McCain 44%
"The trend data clearly show Obama ending the campaign with an upward movement in support..."
The USA Today/Gallup poll: Obama 53% McCain 42%
The final Pew poll predicts on election day: Obama 52% McCain 46%
Photos from Cleveland (Obama's daughter meets Bruce Springsteen), Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio, where more than 200,000 turned out all told on Sunday, and one photo from Nevada on Saturday.

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