Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Mo in MO

Barack Obama spoke in St. Louis Saturday to a crowd officially estimated at 100,000, the largest U.S. gathering of this campaign. (Click the second photo to enlarge, and get a sense of how many people that is.) Then (third photo) he spoke again that evening to some 75,000 in Kansas City, MO. In between, he did what Obama volunteers are doing all over the country: calling and talking to voters.

The New York Times story about these events began: "There was the feel of a political world turned upside down on Saturday as Senator John McCain found himself defending North Carolina and Virginia, while Senator Barack Obama was greeted by huge crowds in Missouri, which Republicans had also considered safe just months ago."

Update: Obama contributors got the news first: contributions in September totalled $150 million. If I remember correctly, that at least doubles the previous monthly high. More than 630,000 new donors in the month for a total of 3.1 million. Average donation was still under $100. The categories with the highest donation totals were students and retirees. But lots of everybody else, including some 30,000 fellow writers. AMAZING!

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