Friday, January 13, 2012

Got Envy?

It's possible that Thursday will become known as the day that the starkest possible battle lines of the 2012 were drawn.  With Romney insisting that any questioning of the justice or the damaging  economic and social effects of income inequality amounts to nothing but envy.  With Gingrich and Perry continuing their attacks on Romney's record as ceo of Bain, and its record of job killing, including a Swiftboat-style documentary and ads cut from it.  And with President Obama's chief economic advisor making a high profile speech laying out the realities of income inequality.

What's fascinating some political observers is that the attacks on Romney are coming from other GOPers, with the Dems preparing their own, reportedly even more devastating attacks.  And the potential for the damage this can do to Romney and the GOPers.

What fascinates me is that what goes around comes around--that GOPers are so used to their toolbox of lies, distortions, simplistic and inflammatory charges, and piling on repeated extreme attacks, that they cannot have an internal disagreement without employing them all.  Long practiced in the scorched earth politics of destruction, they are incapable of doing anything else, and so are employing the same extreme tactics against each other. 

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