Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Man Who Got It Right on Iraq

As the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war beginning hits the political media, the chatter is all about why didn't we know, why didn't we see, why didn't we say?

So who is this we, except an embarrassingly large chunk of the successful mediacracy and Washington political establishment?  It's not me.  And it is most certainly not Bill Moyers.

There is little revealed in the MSNBC documentary that is startling people that Bill Moyers didn't report on at the time.  Every week on PBS he revealed the lies and the costs of those lies in Iraq and America.

He did it so well that he was encouraged to retire, which he did.  For awhile.  But ten years later, at the age of 78, Bill Moyers is back on PBS and once again at the forefront of reporting on foreign policy, the economy, the environment and the climate crisis.

While folks who should have known better are beating their breasts and pulling out their hair in public today, I don't hear a lot of recognition for the guy who got it right: Bill Moyers.