Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Some say quickly, some say more gradually, all say painfully, but this is all going to end.  It's still such an odd feeling to have my end in sight at the same time as human civilization and much of the natural world as we know it perhaps. 

Meanwhile there are lovely days like Monday, another sunny one, so I took a walk in the community forest.  It's not supposed to be sunny in January.  We should be in the middle of our rainy season.  Last year the rains were late also, but we wound up with our normal amount of rain or a little more.  But quantity isn't the whole story of normal, and normal is what the ecosystem depends on.  We're hearing of drought effects in some places hereabouts already this winter.  These redwoods, second and third growth in this forest, need a specific climate, and if this is the pattern of the future, they'll be endangered.

But a lovely day is a lovely day, warm in the sun, and quickly cold when it went down.

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