Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This History Was Made Tonight

This evening, Hillary Clinton became the first woman in American history to be officially nominated by a major political party for President of the United States.  After the roll-call vote (which included Hillary's close girlhood friend announcing the Illinois vote, and a 102 year old woman announcing Arizona's votes for Hillary,)  Bernie Sanders moved to nominate her by acclamation.

Bill Clinton got high marks for his speech about Hillary as a person and change-maker.  Several commentators noted that it was a very different kind of speech from his usual fact-filled, policy-laden speech tracing history.  E.J. Dionne called it the most important of his life.  Video of the speech is here.

Here are selections of the day's highlights from the LA Times, plus their selection of celebrity appearances.

In related news, the New York Times reported a consensus among U.S. spy agencies that the DNC was hacked and emailed stolen by the Russian government.  There's evidence as well that Russians had a direct hand in releasing the emails, though Julian Assange of Wikileaks formally dumped the emails with the avowed purpose of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Asked about whether Russia is trying to influence the U.S. election, President Obama said it was possible, and that “on a regular basis, they try to influence elections in Europe." "What the motives were in terms of the leaks, all that, I can't say directly...what I do know is that Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin."

Towards the end of the convention evening, Meryl Streep put an emphatic historical cast on what happened there in Philadelphia, where the country started.  She talked about the "grit and grace" that Hillary Clinton shares with other women pathfinders.  She was followed by a short video that put it in further historical perspective, ending with John Lennon's voice: "Instant Karma."  Here are those seven minutes:

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