Monday, July 25, 2016

Naderites to the Tenth

In an astonishing year (in a loathesome way), it didn't seem possible to get worse in a new direction, but it seems that it is today.

As evidence grows that Russian state officials are attempting to manipulate the American election, the Bernie delegates at the DNC are trying very hard to make it easy for them.  They are themselves so easily manipulated by the email dump, which would seem to be exactly what the Russians had in mind.

Not only that, but some on the left are actually defending the Russians.

This is Naderism to the tenth power, the self-righteous, self-satisfied, emotionally naive, intellectually confused, and very white "educated" refusal to deal with reality.  This country has never been in more danger, and the election of Trump would sink it fast.  Yet they are happily enabling this because they didn't get everything they wanted, and some people were mean to them.

Meanwhile, the FBI is finally looking into the DNC virtual break-in, and all signs continue to point to Russia.  A Russian motive is pretty simple to describe: if the U.S. withdraws from Europe, Russia can absorb the Ukraine and other territory.  Brexit has already thrown the European Union into disarray.  The chance of nuclear war in Europe would ramp up considerably.

There is growing evidence that the planet as we know it will not survive a nuclear war.  And it wouldn't take a massive exchange between the U.S. and Russia to finish off the human race.

Those are the stakes, measured against purist petulance in Philadelphia.

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