Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing Links

Time to clean up bookmarked links that for one reason or another I didn't blog about:

A persuasive piece on getting rid of the filibuster at

Fellow boomers take note: how psychedelic drugs can help face death.  (Or you can just keep drinking a lot of coffee.)

Also for boomers as well as others: an interview with Harold Reingold on his book about Internet literacies.

An intriguing poll finding: "independent" voters want President Obama to keep pressure on the big banks. 

A sharp look into today's higher education, with particular interest to fellow English majors in American Scholar.  

The possible--and sadly believable--truth about the fate of Amelia Earhart.

Some expert opinion that today's total polarization is not only politically and socially damaging but also psychologically.

Possibly the strangest political story of a typically insanely strange week: the Romney campaign is criticized as being financed by foreign money--by John McCain.

Plus two stories I probably will write about, though probably on another blog:

The Justice Department is investigating the cable television industry, and it's about time.

Movie theaters are still getting away with dimly projecting the images on their screens--one of the main reasons I seldom go to movies anymore.  At last I find I'm not the only one who notices. Roger Ebert for one.

Finally a link to the most brilliant essay I've read this year on several topics, which I do hope to write about soon. (Ignore the pedestrian beginning.) (Note: the top illustration is from this article in The Baffler.)

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