Monday, February 13, 2012

Join the Planet

My inbox is filled today with solicitations from several organizations to join a common effort to send a half million messages over 24 hours to the U.S. Senate opposing the Keystone Pipeline.

As important as this is-- preventing the pipeline and the associated massive climate pollution--perhaps almost as important is that this seems to be a real combined effort by environmental and related organizations, and supporting that is itself a vital step.

Maybe someday soon these organizations will combine on a positive program instead of only in opposition to destructive acts.  But for now, this is worth doing.  I've signed on.  It's very easy--just a couple of clicks--and yes, I expect it will result in more emails in your inbox, but the distinction between information and pollution on the Internet is sometimes wobbly.

Here's one of the links:

Update: More than 800,000 messages were delivered.

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