Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rabid Right Zealot Arrested for Attempt to Assassinate the President

Update: This story broke Thursday afternoon.  By Thursday evening, nobody was even mentioning it on the political cable shows, at least that I heard.  By night it had completely disappeared from the google aggregator--the top story was the possible reopening of an investigation into the death of Natalie Wood.

This is a mistake.  The attempted assassination of a President, no matter how half-assed, is important.  If for no other reason than these things tend to happen in bunches.  You can go back to the JFK assassination and see how some half-assed attempts on public figures were given short shrift in the media, and turned out to be precursors. The shooting of Gabby Giffords and the others who were shot to death that day should have shocked this country, but it didn't really.  This is another event that should be taken much more seriously.  

A Rabid Right religious zealot has been arrested for attempting to assassinate President Obama.  Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez is believed to be the person who on 11-11-11 shot a semi-automatic assault rifle at the White House, where a bullet is lodged in a window in the area where the First Family resides.

President Obama and Mrs. Obama were not in Washington at the time.  There's no word on whether the Obama children were in the residence, or other family members.

The alleged shooter considers President Obama the anti-Christ.  Not too hard to figure out where he got that idea.  Nor is it difficult to figure out how he got his hands on a semi-automatic assault rifle for his attempted Second Amendment solution. 

The Secret Service and other agencies are reportedly "reviewing" security procedures.

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