Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pundits note the quick rise and fast fall of a series of Rabid Right GOPer presidential candidates, and are having a hard time taking the latest seriously: Herman Cain, formerly the head of a pizza company with an ethnically insulting name, and now the leader of the anybody-but-Romney pack.  But there is another kind of pack reason to take him very seriously.  In fact, two hundred million reasons.

It also explains the mystery of Cain's rise.  He is the wholly owned product of the Koch Brothers, as reported in detail by the Washington Post.  The Kochheads are said to have committed two hundred million dollars to the coming election, through pacs and whatever else Citizens United allows them to do.  That money can be further leveraged in the states that GOPers installed by the Kochheads control. 

Despite his complete lack of any knowledge of foreign policy or much of anything else, and with the extreme TEvangelist dogma he is not shy about spouting as guiding his actions, he is a candidate high in the polls thanks largely to his Koch connections.  His chances at the nomination are dependent on the Kochs.  The extent of catastrophe for the country even if he is nominated, let alone elected (and don't forget the changes in voting laws instituted by Koch-directed ideologues in a number of states), cannot be overestimated.

In response to the Post article, he said he was proud of his connection to the Koch Brothers. His credibility in terms of being a serious candidate is 999% due to the Kochheads.  And so I now dub thee Herman KochCain.  

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