Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going Global

On Saturday the 99% Movement demos went global--to the tune of 951 cities in 82 countries.  Here's a streaming link, and a link to the special Think Progress site on the protests.

The New York demonstration was the largest so far--it filled Times Square.

Who are the 1%?

Also on Saturday the March on Washington for Jobs and Justice happened in DC.  President Obama will speak at the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on Sunday.

Meanwhile, an economist from Moody's Analytics--the usually GOPer friendly outfit that calculated that President Obama's American Jobs Act would add  nearly 2 million jobs and boost the economy--said that the GOPer congressional plan announced last week would likely hurt the economy and push the U.S. back into recession. 

But Cowboy Rick's Mrs. told a man who lost his job she could sympathize, because her son had to quit his position at a bank because Obama's government regulations wouldn't let him stay at his bank and work on his father's presidential campaign.  Nonetheless, the Bad Lip Reader people were not involved in her statement, and the Onion was not the source of the report.

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