Thursday, October 13, 2011

At the Circus

In this circus, it's all elephants.  Or put it this way: with the elephants, it's all circus.

Who is leading the GOPer polls? 2 out of 3 GOPers agree, it's Herman Cain, whose qualification for the presidency is that he successfully sells pizzas  This is what America needs--to run government and the free world like a pizza business.  But a fundamentalist Christian one--"I'll have a large cheese and sausage to go, no Mormons, Medicare or Social Security, and hold the immigrants.  Deliver it to heaven because until the Rapture, I'm homeless."

Newt Romney is the odds on favorite, but as Chris Matthews suggested, he's like the movie you go to see when the movie you want to see is sold out.  Cowboy Rick is a debate disaster, but he has a lot of campaign cash and better candidates than him have survived being called lackluster in early debates.  But he so plumb ignorant (the American Revolution was fought in the 1500s, according to him last night) that not even Texas white Tevangelicals may be able to save him.  The so-called debate meanwhile was a parade of trunk-to-tail pandering (Repeal Everything!) and lying, with not a single realistic proposal for anything.      

And how about Mitt Gingrich? "He came off as a petulent, pompous, pseudo-intellectual prick. He is simply not that bright, and as out of his depth as his insecure pronouncements of self-described world-historical profundity suggest. He belongs on Dancing With The Stars, not a Republican debate."

And in other circus news:

"President Obama called investment banker Ron Milner to the podium and then, without provocation or warning, delivered what witnesses describe as a "haymaker" punch to Mr. Milner's jaw. "That's for ruining the economy, asshole," Mr. Obama remarked, then spit at Mr. Milner's feet and walked away.

Early polls indicate the President's punch is receiving widespread voter approval, with 44% of respondents telling survey-takers "It's about damn time one of those rich pricks got their teeth knocked in" and another 32% saying they wished Obama had kicked Mr. Milner in addition to punching him."

Texas restaurants complain they could be driven out of business by the ban on last meals for condemned prisoners.  Governor Cowboy Rick was asleep at the presidential candidates debate and unavailable for comment.

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