Friday, August 06, 2010

The Week That Was

Not a bad week for the Prez. His Supreme Court choice, Elena Kagan, was confirmed. The worst seems to be over with the BP Gulf Oil Gusher (even though there's still a lot of oil out there), and the federal response is finally getting some credit. The Senate approved a bill to get money to the states so that they don't have to fire so many teachers and police (the House is coming back Monday to add their approval.) Together with the unemployment extensions, this helps people and the economy.

Meanwhile, President Obama got on the road to Detroit and Chicago, touting the success of the aid to auto industries, which helped them hire more workers this year than any year in the past ten. (That's a Chicago speech in the bottom photo.) Back at the White House, he met with young and perhaps future leaders from across Africa, and on his birthday gave out the 2010 Citizens Medals to a number of Americans who've done great work in their communities, including the woman in the top photo, Lisa Nigro, who started out with a food cart in the streets of Chicago to help the homeless, which led to a restaurant for the homeless, that employs homeless people and partners with other organizations to provide job training and housing assistance. Something we can all be happy about.
Update: But new unemployment figures, not so much.

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