Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Style Note

Blogger has made a number of new templates available, some new features and a new text editor. I am trying new templates on some other blogs (most recently, Blue Voice), but not this one. I've always liked the clean look of this template, and I've become fond of that little lighthouse logo.

Nor I am going to be using the new text editor immediately. It has new capabilities for integrating and sizing photos which I'd like to have, but it has actually made the process of ordinary posting more bothersome, at least for me. And there are a couple of specific capabilities lost that would affect this blog, though that's probably more than you want to know already.

However, I've made one noticeable change that's recently been enabled: I've changed the type size, made it larger. This should help those who prefer (or need) larger type and haven't been using (or can't use) a feature that generally makes the type bigger.

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