Thursday, June 15, 2017

Psychics Predictions Coming True!

Record hot weather scorches zone from Washington to Boston in Wednesday's Washington Post.  It's Boston's second heat wave this summer, and it's not even summer yet.

'Dangerous,' potentially record-breaking heat forecast to scorch Southwest in USA Today.

Noting that "On Tuesday, some parts of the Midwest and Northeast saw temperatures 20 degrees above the historical average," Think Progress headlined:
If you want to know what climate change feels like, you’re going to find out this summer.

Yes, even if you don't believe what climate scientists say is good science--including this recent study figuring that the climate crisis is responsible for, among other things, 85% of record hot days--you have to admit that what's happening is pretty much what they said would happen.  So even if you think the science is bogus, you have to give them credit as the best damn psychics the world has ever seen!

So let's talk about hot, which you may not want to talk about if it is hot where you are, which is a lot of places.  But maybe it will lend some visceral substance to the discussion.

There are common sense conclusions quantified in studies -extreme heat is bad for your health in all kinds of ways,  and affects your cognitive ability not to mention your temper, etc.  Now there are studies showing how it leads to sleep deprivation and mental health problems.

And of course, it is devastating for the poor and in poor regions, many of which happen to be in hot places to begin with.  A place in Pakistan just set a record for the hottest temperature ever recorded on planet Earth in the month of May: 128F.

Heat begets violence, and prolonged heat without rain that devastates the food supply is a chief cause of wars. (You may not believe that but the Pentagon does.)

  Unfortunately, it's going to get hotter for the foreseeable future, so we need to honor these psychics by recognizing this, and preparing for it, factoring it in with every decision for the future.

In addition to doing all we can to prevent it from getting worse for future generations by invoking this psychic magic of not burning carbon or otherwise sending emanations from certain gases into the heavens.  Before it gets too hot to do anything.  Like think.

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