Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bluff Called

Today's White House scandal is profound: the New York Times revealed that former FBI Director James Comey recorded in a memo made directly after a White House meeting and circulated among staff that our dictator apprentice suggested Comey drop the FBI investigation into the then recently fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

As Politico put it: "But the accusation, which suggests Trump tried to interfere in a federal investigation into one of his top associates, represents one of the most serious allegations against Trump to date."  

The White House denied it.  But here's the thing: our dictator apprentice tried to intimidate Comey last week by suggesting there are tapes of White House conversations that could discredit whatever he said.  Although Comey himself hasn't said anything publicly since, and even declined to testify before a congressional committee, it's very unlikely that his former FBI associates are talking to reporters--and reading them memos on the phone--without Comey's knowledge.

In other words, Comey and his associates are calling the incumbent's bluff (as was suggested they would.)  And in doing so, produced what could be only the first revelation of a high crime.

Meanwhile, CNN provides a very useful brief summary of what's known about the now notorious White House meeting with the Russians, including their ambassador known as a spy, the secrets revealed and the fallout today.

Update: And an end of the day Politico story on the self-described worst day (yet) of the White House regime, and another on the day that may have broken away congressional Rs.  We seem to have moved from cartoon to grand opera.

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