Friday, March 03, 2017


As we wait for the next scheduled storm to roll in--momentarily, according to forecasts--let us reflect on this wet winter.  Hereabouts on the North Coast, where winters are traditionally wet, the amount of rain we got in February was more than twice that of  "normal,"  according to National Weather Service stats.

That brings the rainfall since October to nearly twice the normal.  Just since January 1 we've had 22 inches.  Since October, over 47.  We had our El Nino above-normal rains last January and February, but this year we topped those.

So: wet.  Not the big storms we had back at the turn of the century, but the slow accretion of wet, a lot of it seemingly falling at night.  The skies are maybe not so different from the normal of say ten years ago, but in recent years we've gotten used to more sunshine.  So, even despite what it may portend, it is missed, and eagerly anticipated.

Tonight's storm is coming in from the north, but the last big round was from the south, what used to be called the Pineapple Express, but now has the more impressive title of the Atmospheric River.

So in honor of this wet winter, which I hope is mostly over, here's a reprise of my Atmospheric River song. If you care to sing along, it's to the tune of "Up A Lazy River" which is by Hoagy Carmichael and Sidney Arodin. So follow the bouncing ball...

Atmospheric River by the old jet stream
Atmospheric river of the rain supreme
Linger in the shade of your umbrella tree
Soak in all your sorrows, float out to sea...

Atmospheric river up above will loom
Atmospheric river in the noon day gloom
Gray skies are all set
Everyone gets wet
Atmospheric river how drowned we all will be
Atmospheric river, you’ll see!

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