Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Civil War.2

"A bipartisan group of more than 70 former federal prosecutors -- including 50 who served in Republican administrations -- issued a harshly worded statement Tuesday in support of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

The former prosecutors also said they could not have defended Trump's order had they been asked to do so."

And some interesting details about fired Acting A-G Sally Yates:

To begin with, Yates’ temporary ascendance to the job of attorney general was no fluke. It was Trump’s own transition team that asked her to remain, and with good reason. Over a 27-year career with the Justice Department, spanning both Republican and Democratic administrations, Yates earned a reputation as not only a skilled lawyer, but also as someone who was fiercely independent and above politics. This, in part, explains how she managed to be confirmed to the department’s No. 2 post in a Republican-controlled Senate, receiving 84 votes in 2015.

At her Senate confirmation hearing that year, Yates was asked by, of all people, current Attorney General-designee Jeff Sessions whether she was capable of standing up to the president if she ever believed his actions to be unlawful.

Yates answered unhesitatingly that she would do just that."

The above Politico article by former director of public affairs for the Justice Dept. Brian Fallon outlines why Yates was doing her job correctly, why her firing and the subsequent hiring of a regime loyalist trashes the Justice Department's legal independence, at a time when several regime members are under investigation, with more likely to come.

And more generally...

NY Times:
Even after years of unbreakable gridlock and unyielding partisanship, it was a jarring new level of confrontation and conflict, and it was contributing to a building sense of crisis...

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