Saturday, December 03, 2016

Millennial Disaster

I swore I wouldn't get into this but it's in the nature of old business for this blog.  Back in October, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote a column headlined: Baby boomers have been a disaster for America, and Trump is their biggest mistake yet.  I wrote a spirited rejoinder.

Part of his thesis was that polls showed boomers slightly favoring Trump, though I disputed his numbers and their relevance.

Well, now the election is over and the statistics are in.  Did the baby boomers do in Hillary?  Nope.  It was the millennials.  And the numbers are clear, according to...well, the Washington Post.

Nationally, Clinton did better than Barack Obama among boomers over 65 by a point, and was down 3 points from Obama in the 45-64.  (The youngest boomer is 52.) She was down a point in Milbank's Generation X.  But Clinton did 5 points worse among millennials.

But that's just the national story.  According to exit polls, in the states that lost her the election she was down among millennials five points in Michigan, 16 points in Florida, 17 points in Pennsylvania and 20 points in Wisconsin.  That is, down from Obama--enough (according to the Post's The Fix) to cost her these states and the election.

Why?  When polls all showed Clinton winning among millennials by larger margins?  According to the Clinton campaign manager: He noted, for example, that younger voters, perhaps assuming that Clinton was going to win, migrated to third-party candidates in the final days of the race.

So millennials, forewarned by baby boomers like me, members of this failed generation, voted for Nader anyway.  And they got us Worse Than Bush.  Way way worse.

Who's a disaster for America?

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