Tuesday, November 08, 2016

So Far...Not So Good

It's coming on 6:30p. Pacific time, and so far the race for the presidency is uncomfortably close.  What seems fairly clear however is that the massive repudiation of Donald Trump necessary to begin healing the political process is not happening.  If Hillary wins, it is likely to be very close.  Whoever wins the Senate, that will be a narrow margin.  Dysfunction and gridlock, polarization unto paralysis, seems the most likely outcome.

This is already the nightmare we hoped to avoid.  Key states look like they are going to be razor thin, and if Trump is on the losing side, it seems likely he won't go quietly.  Our long national nightmare may be just beginning.

And according to the NYTimes Upshot that had forecast an 80% chance of Hillary winning, the unthinkable is currently projected to happen: Trump with a 54% chance.

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