Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Start It Up

This week Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren campaigned together for the first time and electrified an Ohio audience.  Clinton complimented Warren for so skillfully and regularly getting under Trump's "thin skin."  Sure enough, Trump quickly went after Warren again with his usual innuendo and racist remarks--and with the offensive in so many ways "Pocahontas."  (New York mag is among those providing the background on his Trumped-up charges of a Native American heritage claim.)

Hillary, by the way, actually has a laugh line in her economic analysis of Trump:  "He's written many books on business, but they all seem to end at chapter eleven."

Hillary's good polling news continued with a lengthier lead from NBC, and just as Trump's attempts to turn the Orlando tragedy into a terrorism scare didn't improve his poll standings, Greg Sargeant at WAPost suggested that Brexit was more likely to ultimately help Hillary than Trump.

With the GOPer convention the next political event on the calendar, Trump was acting like a mob boss in his with me or against me attitude towards speakers, as with the support of the RNC he concentrated on getting loyalists into key positions to quell any idea of revolt.

But so many Republican officeholders--as well as all living GOP former Prezs and presidential candidates--not planning to attend the convention, it's not clear how Trump is going to fill the time.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the event shortened by a couple of days.

Once again I was almost shocked to see the byline on a trenchant column dissecting the disastrous details of the WAPost/ABC poll for Trump, and arguing that Trump is very unlikely to come back from his catastrophic standing with voters--it was Jennifer Rubin, author of the Post blog called The Right Turn.

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