Thursday, June 09, 2016

Peace Time

Thursday's meeting between President Obama and Bernie Sanders went well.  In his statement, Sanders thanked Obama and v.p. Biden for keeping their word that they would stay neutral in the nomination race. “They said in the beginning that they would not put their thumb on the scales and they kept their word and I appreciate that very, very much,”Sanders said.

Sanders indicated that after the upcoming D.C. primary, he will meet with Hillary Clinton to discuss the common way forward to defeat Donald Trump in the general election.

President Obama then released his video strongly endorsing Clinton, and the two will have a joint campaign rally in Wisconsin soon.  Clinton's other primary opponent, Martin O'Malley, endorsed Clinton today, and Elizabeth Warren will endorse her tonight.

As for his meeting with Sanders, New York's acerbic voice Eric Levitz commented: "Obama may have finally earned that Nobel Peace Prize."

An additional note: Clinton and Sanders have both used concepts and vocabulary from President Obama's speeches.  But Clinton's theme in her victory speech--"Stronger Together"--may also owe something to Michelle Obama, whose slogan for the upcoming United States of Women Summit at the White House is "Together, We Are Stronger."

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