Thursday, January 07, 2016

And El Nino Finally Came

Though it has been charged with extreme weather in the US Midwest and South as well as elsewhere in the world, until this week El Nino hadn't hit California.  But it sure has now.

Not up here in the far northern end, yet.  But El Nino has brought southern California, in quick succession and sometimes simultaneously, copious amounts of rain, hail, snow, flooding from rain, waterways and high tides, mudslides, high winds and even at least one tornado.

And though El Nino can't  necessarily be blamed for it, an earthquake.  Moderate and shallow, it was enough to shake loose some landslides on hills that El Nino rain had previously softened.

Up here we've had some rain mixed with sun, but on the whole pretty far.  It was predicted that southern California would feel El Nino rains first, but it's strong enough that we'll feel it here before much longer this winter.

So they cried El Nino... and El Nino finally came.

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